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Florian White is the influential Content Head at bonus-codes.com/ca/, with extensive experience in the digital landscape. Previously an avid gambler, Florian's industry insights are now shaped by past experiences and a newfound sense of responsibility, making him a distinguished figure in Canadian digital content

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About us

Bonus-codes.com/ca/ is one of the leading platforms when it comes to online casinos.

Simply put, we provide the best bonus codes for online casino sites in Canada.

We evaluate each operator and provide you with the most reliable information regarding bonuses and the more practical components such as payment options.

You can be sure that any promo code listed is from one of the top CA casino sites because we only list promotions from trusted operators.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to provide you with the best bonus codes and offers so that you can have fun and play safely in trustworthy online casinos.

We want you to maximize your gambling potential. We’re here to provide you with the best bonuses and promotions so you can take advantage of free spins and have fun on the go.

Since you probably already have a solid understanding of gambling, just take your time and choose the bonuses that best suit your needs.

What are our values?


Since day one, we have been working to bring light to the darkness. With so much false information being put online every day, we want to make our articles transparent and provide a platform that everyone can use and appreciate.


When it comes to online casinos, there is often a lack of objective reviews. We find this grossly negligent because you do not play with other people’s money to enrich yourself.

We want to work against this and make our knowledge articles as well as all testimonials transparent and honest.


At Bonus-Codes, our commitment to innovation is what sets us apart. We explore the dynamic world of online casinos and utilize advanced technologies to secure top-notch bonus codes.

Our personalized and forward-thinking approach ensures that our New Zealand users consistently enjoy a superior gaming experience.

How do we work?

The Bonus-codes.com/ca/ team works completely remotely. This means we give our employees complete flexibility from where and most importantly how they want to work.

This gives our team the opportunity to move around the world and gain new impressions in different countries. It is especially important in the casino industry, where regulations vary from country to country, from more open to more restrictive.

How do we make money?

In order to keep the site fresh and new, we make money through affiliate marketing.

This means that we receive a commission from each vendor when a sale is made. This helps us to expand the site and keep it up to date.

A brand of Time2Play Media

Bonus.codes.com/ca/ is a brand of former Kafe Rocks Ltd, now Time2Play Media, a Malta-based company that aims to be the beacon for conscious and responsible igaming.

Time2Play Media is a dynamic and innovative company in terms of technology, business strategies, editorial policies and work ethics.

It operates a portfolio of 35+ online casino and sports betting sites, live in 20+ markets in 9+ languages.


We depend on your assistance, of course, and strive to do better all the time. Please feel free to email us if you need any assistance or if you have any questions in general.

[email protected]

Please make use of this email if you believe that we have discussed a subject improperly or perhaps even completely ignored it. By doing this, you help us continue to offer a platform that is open and honest.

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